Designs by Tokyo Jo
Photographs by Pixelwitch
All images still available at Archipelago 

The exhibition showcased a selection of designs by resident artist Tokyojo from Razor Stiletto's unique promo flyers which have over the last four years become collectable in their own right.

The Razor Stiletto promo flyers have always been designed with the intention of being works of art. They are presented in a fashion which is slightly unorthodox in the nightclub world and makes them stand apart from the majority of other generically styled flyers. One side always features Tokyojo's original drawings, without the interruption of any text, therefore allowing them to stand alone as images.

They regularly feature the two Dogheaded characters whom Tokyojo created and have since taken on a life of their own, and attained an iconic significance amongst Sheffield's 'creatures of the night'.
Tokyojo's striking and uniquely stylised designs have over time surpassed this immediate sphere of nocturnal hedonism, and have a far reaching appeal and allure which extends beyond the regular Razor Stiletto clientele, and she has gained a strong following as an artist from individuals of all ages and backgrounds, many of whom would never frequent nightclubs.

As a result Tokyojo's designs have transcended the natural limitations of the throwaway night club flyer and when taken out of that specific context become time-less images. Therefore staging an exhibition and presenting a selection of the work in large format is a natural progression.

This also reflects the club night's status which has evolved from its humble beginnings in a backstreet basement venue, to an all encompassing and highly influential cultural tour de force in the UK's nightlife.
In addition to Tokyojo's artwork, there were various photographs taken by the club's resident photographer, Pixelwitch on display, which are also available for purchase.

The two are inextricably linked as the images themselves have tapped into people's latent creativity and often been a source of inspiration for flamboyant costumes and DIY haute couture, and the broader artistic agenda of the flyer images has attracted the more open-minded, curious and downright bizarre strands of the club scene, which over the last four years has slowly metamorphosised into a fledging sub-cultural movement which is documented by Pixelwitch.

The exhibition, "Dogheaded People", ran from Thursday 9th August to Saturday 8th September 2007. Prices for the artwork range from £10 for posters to £300 for large sized canvases, and all are stiil available at the gallery. 
Photographs are from the opening night of the show, on the 8th August


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