FISTA, Feb - Mar 2007
Paintings and Silkscreen Prints

The first solo gallery exhibition from internationally renowned
graffiti artist Fista will be shown at Archipelago. Seen as a legend
by many, Fista's career to date has been controversial. Always at
the centre of the "art or vandalism" debate on graffiti, his work
has developed in a pure form that consists of complex letterforms and
strong intuitive lines. A purist who avoids excessive technicality
and bloated airbrush-style spray methods, his pieces have a subtle
polemic that is true to his street roots. His instinctive assurance
with colour and his confident drawing style are evident in this new
collection of abstract and bold paintings.

The exhibition will also see the launch of a new series of original
limited edition screen prints by Fista; freshly reworked designs by
the artist and based on some of his most notorious pieces over the
past 15 years, featuring the tags ajax, fista and klit.

With interest in the output of street artists now running high
amongst gallery owners and art buyers worldwide, the exhibition
represents an opportunity to see at first hand the work of this
influential artist. Most works are for sale, with some pieces also
on loan from private collectors.



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