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Title: TERROR...! At Tinsley Towers!
Artist: Jim Connolly
Edition size: 150
Paper Size: 500mmx700mm
Paper: 325 gsm white cover stock
Colours (min): 6
Published by: The Archipelago Press Co. Ltd
Handprinted at: The Archipelago Works
Publication date: August 24th, 2008
All signed and numbered
Price: £125.00
Special framed price: £175.00
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This is a historical publication in many ways - the first print edition to emerge from the new Archipelago Press, the screenprint studios we have established at our new location at 16-20 Sidney Street, Sheffield. And it is our way of marking the final, long-awaited destruction of Sheffield's twin cooling towers - on August the 24th, 2008 - which we set as the publication date, when the first proofs were available to view. This signed original screen print is of particular interest to collectors (the first in a series of 6 Steel City based comic-book graphic prints we are producing with Jim), but for those who just like the image and don't want a full size version, we are also issuing an A3 sized poster for £10.00.
Watchers of BBC's Heroes series may wonder if Jim shares artist Isaac Mendez's special powers of precognition, depicting imagined scenes of terrible destruction and then seeing them come true... Does he foresee events? Or do they happen because he imagines them?


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